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Monday, March 28, 2011

I Am Blogging!

I am blogging. I never thought I would but here I am. I never even kept a diary when I was a little girl. I think that is what 'The Random Mrs. Benz' will evolve into- a diary of my random life and the thoughts I have to go along with it. I will start by telling you who I am.

1.   Obviously, my name is Mrs. Benz. No, I will not be naming my first daughter Mercedes. And I do not think that it is funny if you ask.
2.   I got married October 9, 2010- almost all perfect '10s' but I had to throw in a nine because my marriage is not always perfect.
3.   I am the eldest of two girls. We have opposite birth order meaning I act like the baby and my sister the oldest. We are 4 1/2 years apart and best friends.
4.   Mr. Benz and I want a baby very badly. I have the nursery decor all planned out in my head and we have all the names of our children picked out. Yet we still view that part of life as scary and are not ready to face it.
5.   I graduated with a hospitality and tourism managment degree. I work. I love it. I hate to talk about work away from work.
6.   Family is the most important thing in the world to me.
7.   I don't have a hobby but I do cook- a lot! My mom is an excellent cook and many of my recipies come from her. I have noticed that most bloggers share recipies. I will jump on that train and share mine with you.
8.  When asked to describe myself, I say that I am just normal. I don't mean that I am boring. Just normal.
9.   I love Pottery Barn and have been told that our little condo looks just like the catalog. I am obsessed!
10. I believe happiness is always somewhere near. You just might have to look under every rock.

So those are 10 things about Mrs. Benz and probably the things I will be blogging about. I am hoping I get more and more into writing. Maybe, just maybe, it will take over my television addiction.